Monday, January 26, 2009

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The central message of Buddha tells us that we are all worthy of salvation just as we are. Whether we are saints or sinners, male or female, black or white, ignorant or wise, straight or gay, believers or non-believers, Amida, the unseen caring spiritual force surrounding and penetrating us, ceaselessly works to liberate all beings from confusion and suffering. This is the universe's accomplished primordial promise, symbolized as the Primal Vow. Importantly, Shin Buddhism affirms that no one is left behind to suffer endless cycles of births and deaths and that there is no final judgement, end times or eternal hell. On the contrary, due to the Primal Vow, all beings are saved, just as they are. Shin Buddhist Beliefs and Practices

Smaller Amida Sutra Part 1

Smaller Amida Sutra Part 2

Smaller Amida Sutra Part 3

Smaller Amida Sutra Part 4

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