Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Blue Ducks Are Gay! They Face Species Extinction!

March 10, 2009 by Dan Nordgren

Scientists and liberal progressives alike are without words, as a lesson of natural order is playing out with a species of blue ducks. The ducks are gay and they are now facing extinction!

Being gay is against natural order as the entire point of having reproductive organs is continuation of the species. Everyone from liberal scientists to politicians will deny this fact, all in attempts to forward the destructive homogay agenda.

Attempts to breed a rare species of duck to avoid extinction in the UK have backfired after the only two remaining males fell for each other.
Source - The Daily Telegraph

So today these scientists and politicians are being treated to an early Ides of March, as their science research has stabbed them in the back with the Sword of Truth!

An article from the Telegraph tells the story of three ducks, Cherry, who is a female, along with Ben and Jerry, who are males (drakes). Cherry is the last remaining female Blue Duck in existence, and as such bird keepers at the West Sussex bird sanctuary want her to mate with one of the two males. There is only one major problem: the two male ducks are gay.


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