Tuesday, April 21, 2009


A documentary series exploring art, sex and the body

Three unusual and compelling stories exploring how sexuality and the body work as driving forces in the creative process.

Episode 1, Muscle (directed by Natasha Gadd) is about the relationship between Simon Yates, his partner Jo-Ann Lancaster, and their collaborator Mozes, who perform together (often in the nude) as performance/dance troupe, Acrobat. Episode 2, Skin (directed by Rhys Graham) examines the fifteen year collaboration between tattooist/artist Ex De Medici and her subject Geoff O, as they negotiate the possibility of bequeathing Geoff's tattooed skin as an artwork when he dies. Episode 3, Heart (directed by Amy Gebhardt) looks at the artist/muse relationship between Jacqui Stockdale and Rose Mastroianni.

Each episode authored by a different director, Anatomy shows the work of three of Australia's talented new generation of documentary filmmakers.

Big and Little Films

Download "Skin" here:


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