Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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Gay, Buddhist, and married: Steve Silberman talks in new Shambhala Sun Audio — and takes YOUR questions in a special online Q&A

levine-wpaudiologo-wp1Steve Silberman has made a wonderful life for himself. Not only is he a great writer — frequently contributing to WIRED and the Shambhala Sun — but he’s dedicated himself to working for legal same-sex marriage and civil rights for all. Best of all, he and his husband Keith have managed to find a real sense of peace in life — even in the face of the same-sex marriage controversy that threatened their union when California’s Prop 8 recently passed.

Steve’s feelings about Prop 8 and his marriage are movingly recounted in his new article, “Happily Ever After,” found in our May 2009 issue. But when it comes to gay marriage, being gay, or being gay and Buddhist, there’s always more to say. So we’ve asked Steve to take your questions and comments about it all — and he’ll respond in kind over the next few days. Simply leave your message(s) to Steve here, in a comment.


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