Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Gay artist links body and spirit

“Angels Consorting” by Stephen Mead
Mixed media on canvas,incorporated into the DVD “Captioned Closeness

Sexuality and spirituality unite beautifully in the work of gay artist Stephen Mead of New York.

Lesbian angels enfold each other in glittering wings as they make love in “Angels Consorting” (see above). Gay angels sleep wrapped in each other’s arms with naked vulnerability in “Angels Sleeping Unawares”(see below). Angels are usually presented as neutered, asexual beings. Mead delights the eye and does great service by showing that the messengers of God can be erotically alive.

Both angel paintings are part of “Blue Heart Diary,” a meditative series about the universality of struggle, both global and personal. Like much of Mead’s work, it fuses art and poetry. The actual written work is over a thousand lines long with several hundred images spanning over two decades. A video sets some of the images to music, creating a meditative experience that is both soothing and thought-provoking. The angel paintings also appear on his DVD “Captioned Closeness” at Indieflix.com.

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